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Re: lispref/frames.texi and xmenu.c

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: lispref/frames.texi and xmenu.c
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 15:55:14 -0500 (CDT)

Eli Zaretskii wrote:

   > I can not check, but does quitting or popping down that popup-menu
   > when `x-popup-dialog' is used in this situation quit or return nil?

   Please post a test case, a Lisp code that can be eval'ed and
   instructions to follow, and I will tell you what happens.

   (There's one thing one should remember when dealing with xmenu issues:
   on some configurations, I think precisely those which the manual has
   in mind, there's no such thing as ``popping down the menu''; one needs
   to click something for the menu to disappear.)

The situation has completely changed (on GNU/Linux) since Richard
installed a patch.

But there still might be problems on other operating systems.

Richard Stallman wrote:

   Studying the code, I see that the original x-popup-menu in the non-Xt
   case does quit if the user cancels, except in the case where it was
   invoked for a mouse click.  (This is determined by the POSITION
   argument.)  When the code was adapted to Xt, that part of the
   functionality was lost, it looks like.

   Seeing this, I concluded that the right thing to do is to make all the
   implementations of x-popup-menu quit also, under the same condition.
   I implemented this in xmenu.c, but not in w32menu.c and macmenu.c.

The things to test are (after updating your CVS to include Richard's

M-: (x-popup-menu t '("TITLE" ("PANE" . ("LINE1" . 1))))

and then making the menu disappear by clicking away from the menu (I
referred abusively to this as "popping down") should quit instead of
returning nil.

On GNU/Linux this returned nil before Richard's change, but it quits

The same for:

M-: (x-popup-dialog t '("PANE" . ("LINE1" . 1)))

and then making the dialog disappear using the window mananger (or by
clicking away from the dialog, assuming this actually makes the dialog
disappear.  (Should also quit, not return nil).

On GNU/Linux, this already quit before Richard's recent change, but it
returned nil in 21.3.



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