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Re: Some error info from configure.bat please

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Some error info from configure.bat please
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 03:21:28 +0200

On 7/3/05, Lennart Borgman <address@hidden> wrote:

> Maybe different strategies are needed for different times.

Perhaps. But when I started compiling my own Emacs I would've been
glad to have a list: "get texinfo from http://here, and make.xe from
http://there, oh, and rm and other common tools from
http://over/there."; Adding to the problem is that, if the user
overlooks the "cvs update -kb" bit of information, he's gonna think
his make.exe doesn't work and he's gonna start losing hair really
fast... (Been there, done that, lost the patience.)

> Perhaps that could be extended a bit. I see three different current tool
> packages on w32: GnuWin32, CygWin and MSYS+MinGW.

Yes, although Cygwin is more for those that want a total Unix
immersion environment in Windows; I wouldn't recommend it for a user
that just wants to compile Emacs (building in Cygwin is more like
building on GNU/Linux than in Windows).

> I am not sure about
> UnxUtilites, are they maintained?

I think there's only one developer and the last update is from 2003;
still, the simple tools (like rm, cp) work for me much better than the
ones in MSYS, for example (I had weird network issues with these).

> Staying with one of those for a
> particular purposes may be the best.
> In my case I have decided to go with GnuWin32+MinGW when building Emacs.

That is two ;-)

> Currently I have
> MSYS installed, but it is not on my path (except for sometimes inside
> Emacs).

I do the opposite: I have MSYS and MinGW on my path, but I take them
out for building and running Emacs (but I never use shell buffers
inside Emacs).


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