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Re: w32-pass-lwindow-to-system does not work as expected

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: w32-pass-lwindow-to-system does not work as expected
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 20:23:00 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

The low-level hook you referred to is documented to get scan codes.
Yes, scan code AND virtual key codes. I do not mean to process the scan codes (I would not dare ;-)

See also Jason's message: if lwindow is to be used as a modifier, then
we will have to process other keys in the low-level hook as well.
I took a look at how RegisterHotKey was used in Emacs. It post the message back as a WM_KEYDOWN with just the virtual key code and no modifiers. Could not the same thing be done in the low level hook I have suggested? Or is there something I do not know that must be done?

Unfortunately, in this case, this particular system doesn't want Emacs
to get at that key and some other special key combinations.  Since
Emacs users are not the only ones who are pissed off by this
inflexibility, I'm sure there are lots of small proggies written and
floating on the Internet that will remap lwindow and other special
keys such that applications, including Emacs, can receive them.  I say
let's advise our users to solve their problems outside Emacs, like we
do on GNU/Linux, where we tell them to use loadkeys and xmodmap.
Maybe you are right, but my gut feeling is that users on w32 expect the program the use to do this. There are at least some example of code doing things similar to my suggestion.

And it looks to me like things have changed over the years. The low level keyboard hook I have suggested that we use is not available in older versions of ms windows. (If I remember correctly it is available from w2k and onwards.)

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