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Re: etc/refcard.tex update.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: etc/refcard.tex update.
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 10:32:56 +0200
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Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:

> I looked at etc/refcard.tex too and noticed places that need to be fixed
> other than those already corrected by Lute.
> 1. In the section `Files'
> \key{version control checkin/checkout}{C-x C-q}
> needs to be replaced with
> \key{toggle read only}{C-x C-q}
> \key{version control checkin/checkout}{C-x v v}

Ah, I missed that one.  I don't think there is room to add a line.
You'll have to choose between the two.

> 2. In the section `Getting Help' keys `C-x 1' and `C-M-v' in
> \key{remove help window}{C-x 1}
> \key{scroll help window}{C-M-v}
> don't work after typing C-h or F1 that were suggested to type
> in the beginning of the same section.

They work for me.  If I type C-h and follow the directions (I type ?
and then, say, b to get a list of bindings), I get a new window with a
*Help* buffer and I can use C-M-v to scroll it and C-x 1 to get rid of

> 3. IMO, `C-h k' is more useful than `C-h c' for
> \key{show the function a key runs}{C-h c}


> Even though `C-h k' creates a new window, all three other keys
> described in the same block do the same.
> 4. There is `C-h f' key, but no `C-h v'.

I don't think there is room for an extra line, but you can try.

> 5. There is `M-x recover-file', but no `M-x recover-session'.

recover-session seems more useful to mention indeed.

> 6. Search and Replace
> Currently such highly related operations as Search and Replace are
> described on different refcard pages.  Wouldn't it be better to move
> `Incremental Search' down and place it immediately before `Query
> Replace'?

On a 2 or 3 column refcard, the two are side by side.  Moving them
around might give quite some formatting headaches, but you're free to

> Also unlike the section `Query Replace', `Incremental Search'
> doesn't distinguish keys used to enter Isearch mode from keys active
> in Isearch mode.
> 7. In the section `Info'
> \key{find specified function or variable in Info}{C-h C-i}
> the keybinding `C-h C-i' is not available anymore.

Is there a new binding?


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