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RE: Sorting of directories in dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Sorting of directories in dired
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 13:00:48 -0700

    > Do you not find it disturbing then that the ordering of files
    > are different in Emacs than outside Emacs on w32?

    And what, may I ask, do you use outside Emacs?

I can't speak for Lennart, but I would say that Windows users are used to
seeing, in dialog boxes, Windows Explorer, and elsewhere:

 1. First the directories and then the files.
 2. Files in alphabetical order (by default), without regard to case.

[BTW - Another thing Windows users are used to is clicking a column header
to sort on it (alternate clicks of the same column header switch
directions). I've done this myself for *Buffer List*, but it would be
especially useful for Dired - after the release.]

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