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Re: theming

From: John S. Yates, Jr.
Subject: Re: theming
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 07:05:29 -0400

On Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:17:52 +0200, Lennart Borgman wrote:

>I agree to whole message. I have written EmacsW32 just for this above. 
>It would be better if this idea was merged into Emacs. I think however 
>that it has to coexist with themes in some way and perhaps themes can be 
>the underlying structure for this.

I do not see it as a layering issue.  It is more a plea to move away
from simple imperative customization and towards declarative expression
of policy / intent.

I imagine such choices being made by one-of selections in which the
default value would be "classic Emacs".  Thus one knob might be

    - classic Emacs
    - OneOnOne

Further, our customize framework would have to be enriched to make
default values potentially a function of a policy query.  (A simplifying
restriction would be require that all policy choices be evaluated before
loading any customizations.)


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