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Re: theming

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: theming
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 18:01:45 -0400

    > However, as long as the (IMHO sensible) patches that Seiji Zenitani and
    > I have provided (which only pertain to the OS X version) don't find their
    > way into the core or get formally rejected with reasons given,

Mac-only patches are looked at only by the people that are interested
in Macs.  It's up to them.

There is, however, one rule: if something goes beyond merely adapting
Emacs to the Mac, and provides an additional Emacs feature, then it
must be implemented in general--not for the Mac alone.  (The same rule
applies to Windows.)  Our aim is to replace proprietary software,
not to enhance it.  And GNU Emacs is part of the GNU operating system.

Thus, a hypothetical feature that worked only on MacOS would be an
enhancement to non-free software, and thus ethically unacceptable.
The right way to do a new feature is so that it works on the GNU
system also.

I don't know what those specific patches do, and I don't know
whether this rule applies to them or not.  I'm mentioning it now
so that it won't be forgotten.

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