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Re: obsolete comment in tool-bar.el

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: obsolete comment in tool-bar.el
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:53:01 -0500 (CDT)

YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu wrote:

   > I tried the latest CVS with Mac OS 9, which cannot dump, but it
   > failed to load frame.elc with "Symbol's value as variable is void:
   > no-blinking-cursor" on startup.  Strangely, the rest of the similar
   > cases (such as loading tooltip.elc) worked well.

   Correction: after "make bootstrap", Emacs on Mac OS 9 failed to load
   loaddefs.el with "Symbol's value as variable is void:
   emacs-quick-startup".  In loaddefs.el, we have the following line:

   (defvar tooltip-mode (not (or noninteractive emacs-quick-startup (not 
(display-graphic-p)) (not (fboundp (quote x-show-tip))))) "\

I believe that my original reaction to this was incorrect.  It was
based on checking defcustoms with C-M-x.  That was stupid, because
evaluating a defcustom with C-M-x behaves specially, partially
bypassing the :initialize function.

After repeating my experiments in ielm, I now believe that my two new
:initialize functions should work as intended.  The problem you
experienced with `blink-cursor-mode' seems to be due to a bug in
define-minor-mode, whereas the problem you experienced with
tooltip-mode is obviously due to autoloading, which could be removed,
since tooltip.el is preloaded in all situations where enabling tooltip
makes sense.

It would be possible to reinstate most of my original changes if the
bug in define-minor-mode would be fixed.  I will take a look at that.



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