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RE: Leaving isearch-mode and keeping the highlite

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Leaving isearch-mode and keeping the highlite
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 19:20:22 -0700

    >Turning it on by a particular exit key sequence is not the
    >best way. I would
    >rather have that be a user option (like case-fold-search), and
    >be able to
    >toggle the option while in isearch (like we can toggle

    Too cumbersome to me. Sometimes I want to leave the highlite there,
    sometimes not.

I was speaking here about turning highlighting on, not removing existing
highlighting. You seem to be talking about the latter here.

>From Juri's message, there is an option already, and a command to remove the
highlighting. Letting the next search remove the previous highlighting seems
better, to me than using a separate command.

Wrt toggling the highlight persistence, it would be handy to have an
isearch-mode-map binding that toggles option `lazy-highlight-cleanup'.

Having different search-exit key sequences to either leave the highlighting
or remove it, as you suggest, sounds a bit more cumbersome to me. It would
be easier to just toggle the persistence on or off while searching.

You aren't going to want to think about the persistence each time you exit
isearch - just turn it on when you want and off when you want. I see this
much like case-fold-search, except that the effect of the toggle only takes
place after you exit isearch.

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