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Re: Buffer menu fix

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Buffer menu fix
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 16:15:13 +1200

 > >  > > because then the header line can then respond to mouse-1 clicks
 > >  > > and still be dragged (try it on the mode-line to see what I
 > >  > > mean).
 > >  > 
 > >  > You can drag it by clicking on any part of the header line outside the
 > >  > button text.  Again, this is the same as Info-mode.
 > >
 > > In that case I suggest that this is also changed in Info-mode.
 > Why? It is much more convenient to allow users to click on a link.  If
 > the user wants to move the header line (which is not something that
 > people do frequently, anyway), all she has to do is to move the mouse
 > two milimeters to the left, outside the button.  This is what people
 > are used to in all other graphical applications -- no one sees a
 > button and thinks, "Yeah, that's for resizing the window."

The choice isn't between clicking or dragging, its between clicking or
clicking *and* dragging.  You're adding a line of code that just prevents the
header line from being dragged at that point.  It seems a bit pointless.


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