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Re: prefix-region

From: Hrvoje Niksic
Subject: Re: prefix-region
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:15:43 +0200
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> 2005/10/25, Hrvoje Niksic <address@hidden>:
>> I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with those functions, only
>> that they are not as useful for this particular purpose as
>> `prefix-region' is.
> Which purpose though?

Prefixing a region with an arbitrary string.  It comes up a lot.

> I suspect 90% of the time, `comment-dwim' (M-;)

It won't work when editing snippets of code in mail messages or when
editing a language for which you don't have a major mode handy.

> or `indent-rigidly' are really what's wanted, and do the job better
> (for instance `comment-dwim' handles mail quoting and commenting-out
> of code just about perfectly); adding arbitrary prefixes seems kinda
> rare.

I don't think it's all that rare.  I've used the function a lot over
the years, and I know other XEmacs users who have found it useful.
Writing a replacement one is non-trivial.

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