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Re: mouse-drag-mode-line should maybe use window-tree

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: mouse-drag-mode-line should maybe use window-tree
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 00:20:25 +0100
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Richard M. Stallman wrote:

To me the documentation for `adjust-window-trailing-edge' looks like it is doing the same thing as `enlarge-window' with preserve-before set to t. Am I missing something?

They are not the same, because adjust-window-trailing-edge will never
delete a window.
After spending some time wondering why you wrote the new function I realized that it was just enough to nicely fit the needs of the resizing functions. The new function also seems to work in all cases I have tested so far. Thanks for this, it made it much easier to write the new functions for balance-windows. I have replaced `enlarge-window' with `adjust-window-trailing-edge' everywhere in the new version:


I am stil waiting for someone to test this and give some feedback. (There is still a little bit cleanup to do in the code, but I wait with this until I have seen that using the new functions have been tested a bit more.) So please test this.

A little recall of the proposed new functions:

C-x + -- this now starts a new temporary minor mode for resizing, bw-window-resize-mode

In this temporary minor mode the keybindings are:

  +        -- new balance-windows, called bw-balance
  .        --  balance siblings only, called bw-balance-siblings
arrow keys -- interactive resize, modelled after GUI keyboard resize on w32

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