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Re: Release of CC Mode 5.31

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Release of CC Mode 5.31
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 17:24:45 -0500
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>> When the byte-compiler sees a `require', and the corresponding .elc file is
>> older than the corresponding .el file, it should load the .el file.

> By this very logic, when you (load "foo")---after all, `load' and
> `require' are very similar---Emacs should load foo.el if it is newer
> than foo.elc.

Yes, that too.

> And yet we don't do that, and I think for a very good reason.

I don't know about "very good".  AFAIK the reason is so that you can mess up
the .el file as badly as you want (e.g. with conflict markers when merging
updates) without breaking things and only once you byte-compile will you
make your changes visible to Emacs (kind of like a "commit").

While I don't claim that it's a bad reason, I'm not sure it's that much
better than the reason we're facing which argues to use the other behavior
(prefer the .el over the .elc if the .el is more recent).


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