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RE: address@hidden:RE:weirddefadvicebugwithbyte-compilation]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden:RE:weirddefadvicebugwithbyte-compilation]
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 13:29:32 -0800


    > The default value is `maybe', and that's the value I had. The doc
    > string says that that means that activation will also compile - if
    > the byte-compiler is already loaded. I have no idea what loads the
    > byte compiler, or why its being loaded would be the criterion
    > applied here, but I must assume that in my case it was already
    > loaded, and that that is the default situation (?).

    The byte-compiler is not loaded by default. The (defadvice ...
    (... compile)...) in bar.el makes the difference.

So, the presence of `compile' in one defadvice turns on byte-compilation for
subsequent defadvices - IOW, it's modal? I don't see that explained

    > But I guess the `compile' FLAG for defadvice acts like the COMPILE
    > arg to ad-activate in this regard (not mentioned in the doc string).
    > Is that correct?

    It seems so.

Does that COMPILE arg also turn on a byte-compilation mode that stays on
until turned off? That too is not documented, AFAICT.

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