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Re: Customizing faces with `defcustom'

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Customizing faces with `defcustom'
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 21:05:59 +0200
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>      > In that case, maybe the `face' custom type should accept nil
>      > as an alternative.  That way, the existing default for
>      > delphi-other-face would be valid, it would still work the same
>      > as now, and it would not require changing the :type spec.
>      >
>      > Does anyone see any problems with that?
>     That closed the thread then.
> We never did that, and I think we fixed other such problems by
> adding nil as an explicit alternative, so I fixed these two in that
> way also.

Other such cases also use a tag like "Default" or "None" for the nil face
value, because displaying "nil" in the customization buffer is not

Juri Linkov

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