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Re: Possible memory corruption problem

From: Piet van Oostrum
Subject: Re: Possible memory corruption problem
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 23:14:51 +0100

>>>>> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> (EZ) wrote:

>>> From: Piet van Oostrum <address@hidden>
>>> Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 16:36:01 +0100
>>> I have had a few occasions when my mailboxes got corrupted.
>>> I read my normal email with VM, and mail from mailing lists with gnus. I
>>> have CVS emacs compiled about a month ago, running on Mac OS X 10.4.4.
>>> A few cases now, the last of which was last weekend, the mailboxes that I
>>> had open got completely mixed up. I lost my INBOX (primary VM mailbox)
>>> completely last night, and some of its messages where found in the middle
>>> of another mailbox that I had open. The mixup also occurred around last
>>> Christmas with VM and gnus mailboxes mixed up. Sometimes the corrupted
>>> mailboxes appeared to contain garbage text from other files.

>EZ> Sounds like some snafu with relocating buffers.  See below.

>>> I have tried to find the common circumstances when this happens and it
>>> aeems to me that it happens when the machine is low on virtual memory
>>> (including swap space).

>EZ> Emacs should display a warning when the system is low on memory.  Does
>EZ> it?

I haven't found a message. On the other hand I found an older crash
dump with an alloc problem:

Exception:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes:      KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x80040907

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000cc388 Fcons + 0x34 (alloc.c:2700)
1   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000cc744 Fmake_list + 0xec (alloc.c:2829)
2   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000eb6a0 concat + 0x370 (fns.c:656)
3   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000ec684 Fcopy_alist + 0x78 (fns.c:1224)
4   org.gnu.Emacs       0x00016d30 Fframe_parameters + 0x9c (frame.c:2090)
5   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000172d0 Fframe_parameter + 0x230 (frame.c:2237)
6   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6674 Ffuncall + 0x300 (eval.c:2866)
7   org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
8   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
9   org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e67c4 Ffuncall + 0x450 (eval.c:2917)
10  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
11  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
12  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e67c4 Ffuncall + 0x450 (eval.c:2917)
13  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
14  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
15  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e67c4 Ffuncall + 0x450 (eval.c:2917)
16  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
17  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
18  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e67c4 Ffuncall + 0x450 (eval.c:2917)
19  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
20  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
21  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e67c4 Ffuncall + 0x450 (eval.c:2917)
22  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00113a2c Fbyte_code + 0x97c (bytecode.c:691)
23  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6cb8 funcall_lambda + 0x2e8 (eval.c:3054)
24  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e6968 apply_lambda + 0xfc (eval.c:2974)
25  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e5adc Feval + 0x564 (eval.c:2262)
26  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e2804 Fand + 0x48 (eval.c:354)
27  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e592c Feval + 0x3b4 (eval.c:2205)
28  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e4634 internal_condition_case_1 + 0x148 
29  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00083cc0 menu_item_eval_property + 0x7c 
30  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00084db0 parse_tool_bar_item + 0x3e0 (keyboard.c:7837)
31  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000849b0 process_tool_bar_item + 0xbc 
32  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000848a4 tool_bar_items + 0x1e8 (keyboard.c:7619)
33  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00028680 update_tool_bar + 0x1b4 (xdisp.c:8996)
34  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00027fdc prepare_menu_bars + 0x170 (xdisp.c:8668)
35  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0002aa74 redisplay_internal + 0x36c (xdisp.c:10384)
36  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0002b9a0 redisplay_preserve_echo_area + 0x50 
37  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0011acfc wait_reading_process_output + 0x3c0 
38  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00012eac sit_for + 0xcc (dispnew.c:6419)
39  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007e138 read_char + 0xa1c (keyboard.c:2765)
40  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000863f4 read_key_sequence + 0x790 (keyboard.c:8829)
41  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007b8c8 command_loop_1 + 0x42c (keyboard.c:1529)
42  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e44c8 internal_condition_case + 0x140 (eval.c:1453)
43  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007b254 command_loop_2 + 0x40 (keyboard.c:1315)
44  org.gnu.Emacs       0x000e3ee0 internal_catch + 0xf8 (eval.c:1211)
45  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007b1ac command_loop + 0x90 (keyboard.c:1298)
46  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007ab94 recursive_edit_1 + 0xa8 (keyboard.c:988)
47  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007ad2c Frecursive_edit + 0xdc (keyboard.c:1049)
48  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0007982c main + 0xc38 (emacs.c:1783)
49  org.gnu.Emacs       0x0000a010 _start + 0x188 (crt.c:267)
50  org.gnu.Emacs       0x00009e84 start + 0x30

>>> So I suspect that some part of Emacs' buffer and memory management
>>> fails to check the result of malloc calls or something similar.

>EZ> I'd rather suspect something else: that some library function on your
>EZ> platform is passed a pointer to buffer text, and that library function
>EZ> calls malloc internally, which (especially when Emacs needs to
>EZ> allocate a large amount of memory) causes Emacs to relocate buffer
>EZ> text, which could easily invalidate the pointer(s) used by that
>EZ> library function.

But then it should occur at random times. And my observation is that
in the 2 or 3 cases that this happened the systems disk was
full, and/or the system warned about a lack of swap space.

>>> I have written a test program and it appears that Mac OS X's malloc
>>> and realloc correctly return NULL when the process runs out of
>>> memory.

>EZ> Does Emacs indeed use system malloc on your platform?  Or does it use
>EZ> gmalloc?

darwin.h does define SYSTEM_MALLOC.
And the configure says:
  Should Emacs use the GNU version of malloc?             no
    (The GNU allocators don't work with this system configuration.)
  Should Emacs use a relocating allocator for buffers?    no
  Should Emacs use mmap(2) for buffer allocation?         no

The kernel gives an error around the time that the buffers got mixed
no space in available paging segments
Piet van Oostrum <address@hidden>
URL: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~piet [PGP 8DAE142BE17999C4]
Private email: address@hidden

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