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Re: tumme directory

From: Mattis
Subject: Re: tumme directory
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 01:04:11 +0100

> A grep for ".emacs.d" in the Lisp sources will probably give you
> some answer.  What I'd do is:
> (defcustom tumme-dir
>   (cond
>     ((file-directory-p "~/.tumme/") "~/.tumme/")
>     ((file-directory-p "~/.emacs.d/") "~/.emacs.d/tumme/")
>     (t "~/.tumme/"))
>   "Directory where thumbnail images for are stored."
>   :type 'string
>   :group 'tumme)


I just commited the changed suggested by Nick. Now it works the same
way thumbs.el does. It could easily be changed again though, but this
seems to work nicely. I just moved my thumbnails to the new dir and it
works well:

 $ mkdir ~/.emacs.d/tumme
 $ mv ~/.tumme/*.thumb.jpg ~/.emacs.d/tumme/

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