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Re: tumme testing

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: tumme testing
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 17:47:54 +0100
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"Robert J. Chassell" <address@hidden> writes:

> 1. tumme-mark-tagged-files fails
>     Using the following regular expression
>         \(.*\.gif\|.*\.jpg\|.*\.png\)
>     `C-t f' (tumme-mark-tagged-files)
>     whose documentation says:
>         Use regexp to mark files with matching tag.
>     failed to mark any files.  The *Message* buffer said:
>         0 files with matching tag marked.

Clearly that function needs better documentation because from what I
can tell, you have misunderstood its purpose completely. The purpose
is to use tumme's "database" file and mark image files that have a
matching "tag" in the database file. What you *seem* to have tried was
to mark image files with a certain file extension, something that
dired handles very well itself. Did I interpret your intentions

> 2. dired-mark-files-regexp succeeds
>     Using the same regular expression,
>     `% m' (dired-mark-files-regexp)
>     whose documentation says:
>         Mark all files matching regexp for use in later commands.
>     marked all the matching files.  The *Message* buffer said:
>         370 matching files marked.

Did you not stop and ask yourself why tumme would try to provide the
exact same thing dired does? ;-)

> 3. tumme-display-thumbs displays marked files
>     After a long wait, `C-t d' (tumme-display-thumbs) successfully
>     displayed the files marked with `% m' in a different buffer.

Great. If you try again it should be quicker, because the thumbnail
files are already created.

> 4. No loading in background
>     No loading occurred in the background.  Hence, the long wait.

Yup. No such functionality added yet.

> 5. No data provided easily
>     The new buffer did not display the images with the data provided
>     by dired.  In particular, it did not display images with names,
>     sizes, and dates.  (You can click on an image to obtain its name
>     -- I don't know how to do this while keeping my hands on the
>     keyboard -- but compared to other thumbnail programs, that
>     clicking does not provide much efficiency when you are looking at
>     many images; for one, you must remember which visual image goes
>     with which size.)

Correct. That's not implemented yet. Partly because I have dired in
another window, and I am using the "track movement" thing so that I
can see, in dired, which file point is on in the thumbnail buffer. It
would probably be quite easy to add that info to the thumbnail buffer,
but it would require a rewrite of the code that places the thumbnail
files there, and exactly how it should look must be investigated. It
is harder in Emacs to center texts under images and so on.

> Query:
>     Is there a command in the current CVS that shows the thumbnails
>     with information?


> Second Query:
>     What are its bindings, both mouse and keyboard?

There aren't any.

> Comment:
>     Back on 5 February using iimage.el, Juri Linkov showed what can be
>     done to make an Emacs thumbnail packages more useful.

Yes, I saw that too. I'll keep it in mind for future additions of

Thanks for testing!


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