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RE: faq.texi

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: faq.texi
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:05:17 -0800

    > I've always used C-= as a prefix for comparisons. These
    > are the only ones I have, but other people might know and use
    > other comparison commands.
    >  C-= b  ediff-buffers
    >  C-= d  diff
    >  C-= e  ediff-files
    >  C-= f  ediff-files
    >  C-= w  compare-windows
    > Perhaps such a comparison prefix would be useful for Emacs generally.

    C-= is not available on xterms, but this is a minor problem.


    For a keybinding for `compare-windows' to be useful it should
    be one key, because it requires repeated keystrokes to advance
    to the next differences.

Not necessarily. C-x z z z z z... works just fine for that. In fact, it's
easier to repeatedly hit `z' than `C-='.

    So I suggest to bind `compare-windows' to C-= available on
    graphical displays.

There are multiple comparison commands. Why pick one in particular for C-=?

If we did have to pick only one, then you're right that the other commands I
mentioned don't need to be repeated in the way that `compare-windows' does,
so `compare-windows' is not a bad choice. But I still think it would be good
to use C-= as a prefix key reserved for comparison commands of all sorts.

To me, the advantage of `C-=' is its mnemonic character, not the fact that
it requires only a single keystroke. As I say, `C-x z' works well here. As a
prefix, `C-= C-h' lets you know all the bindings of comparison functions.

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