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RE: Binaries for W32 (was: W32 version crashes on C-g)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Binaries for W32 (was: W32 version crashes on C-g)
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:42:38 -0800

    > I could upload a binary tarball of the Windows
    > port to some accessible place every few days

    There are already several places with Emacs 22 binaries for Windows:

    Ralf Angeli already provides a version bundled with AUCTeX from time
    to time at <ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/auctex/> (AFAICS, this the only
    one with a gpg signature).  The overhead wrt to AUCTeX (~3 MB) is
    negligible in case you don't use AUCTeX.

Cannot get to this by http. And I can't get to it using ftp site from behind
a firewall.

    IIRC Drew Adams uploads binaries

No, that's Lennart Borgman, not I.  I'm *looking* for a recent MS-Windows

    to <http://ourcomments.org/Emacs/EmacsW32.html>.

Yes (thanks Lennart!), but I'm not sure how "vanilla" those binaries are.
I, for instance, am looking for the kind of thing I can get at nqmacs -
nothing added, no installer, no changes to my machine, no predetermination
of directories, no built-in use of gnuserver/gnuclient, just a simple zip
file of everything Emacs, including source code and a MS-Windows executable.

    Then there are at least two projects on sourceforge.net
   (ntemacs, nqmacs).

Very old binaries, unfortunately.

    If there is a need for more frequently updated binaries (say weekly),
    they should be places on alpha.gnu.org, e.g. in /gnu/emacs/windows/.

Cannot get to alpha.gnu.org via http.

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