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RE: Binaries for W32 (was: W32 version crashes on C-g)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Binaries for W32 (was: W32 version crashes on C-g)
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 10:32:32 -0800

        >     to <http://ourcomments.org/Emacs/EmacsW32.html>.
        > Yes (thanks Lennart!), but I'm not sure how "vanilla" those
        > binaries are. I, for instance, am looking for the kind of
        > thing I can get at nqmacs - nothing added, no installer,
        > no changes to my machine, no predetermination
        > of directories, no built-in use of gnuserver/gnuclient, just
        > a simple zip file of everything Emacs, including source code
        > and a MS-Windows executable.

        As I have tried to explain on
        http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/EmacsW32 the
        unpatched binaries
        are very vanilla. Please read under "Want zip-file" there.

I said:

    OK, will do; thanks. Sorry for any misinformation.

I haven't yet had time to try your site again (since a few months ago), but
the EmacsWiki discussion you point to is not too promising. You  still speak
there of registry changes and such. And Mathias Dahl just added another
request in that discussion today for a vanilla zip file, so I'm guessing
that that is still not available from your site.

Also, I notice now that you mentioned yourself that you provide Emacs
binaries (only?) in the form of a setup program:

> I already upload those, but in the form of setup programs.

I think it's great what you offer on your site, Lennart, but the original
question from Juanma was, I think, about posting a zip (actually, he
mentioned a binary tarball). If you also offer such a zip on your site, then
great; I apologize for the noise and misunderstanding.

If you offer Emacs only through an installer, however, then that's not the
same thing. I just want a complete set of Emacs files, including a binary
for MS Windows and all of the source files. I don't want something to
install it for me. I don't want anything to mess with my registry settings,
impose a directory structure, install any extras, provide a particular
version of gnuclient/server, or anything else.

I'm not claiming that your installer does all or any of those things; I
don't know. I'm just saying that what Juanma originally proposed making
available, a zip of Emacs for Windows, would be something that I would be
interested in, wherever it is.

Again, apologies if I have misunderstood your site or your messages.

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