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Re: locate-with-filter

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: locate-with-filter
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 19:28:40 -0600 (CST)

Richard Stallman wrote:

   I think we can effectively eliminate help-follow.  It is not used for
   following any of the links that are explicitly presented in the doc

   So I propose this change:

This looks good, except that there are three problems:

1.  The most obvious problem is that your patch fails to erase part of
    the old help-follow.  Hence, after applying your patch,
    help-mode.el does not compile.  This is, of course, trivial to fix.

2.  After your changes, the CLICK arg to help-follow-mouse and the POS
    arg to help-follow are unused and hence should be deleted.  Then
    CLICK should no longer be capitalized in the docstring of
    `help-follow-mouse' and the doc of `help-follow' should no longer
    mention POS.  I suggest:

;; The doc string is meant to explain what buttons do.
(defun help-follow-mouse ()
  "Follow the cross-reference that you click on."
  (error "No cross-reference here"))

;; The doc string is meant to explain what buttons do.
(defun help-follow ()
  "Follow cross-reference at point.

For the cross-reference format, see `help-make-xrefs'."
  (error "No cross-reference here"))

3. help-follow is not only bound to RET and mouse-2, but also to `C-c C-c'.
   The `C-c C-c' binding is _not_ shadowed by xrefs.  Hence, `C-c C-c'
   gives the error message "No cross-reference here", everywhere,
   including on xrefs.  Hence, either the `C-c C-c' binding should be
   deletted, or, alternatively, the _old_ help-follow could be renamed
   to `help-follow-word' and `C-c C-c' could be bound to
   `help-follow-word' in help buffers.  If we do the latter, people
   who like the feature can still use it and they can even rebind it
   to RET if they prefer the old behavior.



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