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Re: gud.el bug + patch

From: Karl Chen
Subject: Re: gud.el bug + patch
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:14:03 -0800
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>>>>> On 2006-03-24 04:59 PST, Nick Roberts writes:

    >> `gud-last-frame' gets set to ("source /path/file.cc" . 19)
    >> I think this should be ("/path/file.cc" . 42).

    Nick> Can you give a reproducible test case that gives the
    Nick> error above or this value for gud-last-frame?

I found that having 'run' in .gdbinit triggers the problem; this
recipe should do it:

  (setq gdb-enable-debug t)
  (shell-command-to-string "echo 'int main() {\nreturn 42;\n}' > a.c")
  (shell-command-to-string "echo 'b main\nrun' > .gdbinit")
  (shell-command-to-string "gcc -g a.c -o a")
  (gdb "gdb --annotate=3 a")
  (gud-step 1))

    Nick> send the value of gdb-debug-ring

((recv . "


^Z^Zsource /tmp/a.c:3:24:beg:0x8048375

") (send-item "server interpreter mi -stack-info-frame
" gdb-get-version))

Karl 2006-03-24 06:09

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