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RE: address@hidden: RE: file-cache doc should state that thecache is non

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden: RE: file-cache doc should state that thecache is non-persistent]
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 07:32:11 -0800

    > Could someone who understands this please DTRT
    > then ack this message?

    Done.  (The cache is not persistent, the manual now says that


    Btw, should we merge the "File Name Cache" section with the following
    one, "File Convenience"?  They are both short, and the file cache is
    certainly a convenience feature of the kind described in the latter

No, I don't think that's a very good idea. File Name Cache is a reasonable,
self-contained topic. File Convenience is, currently, a grab-bag or
catch-all. In the future it will likely become either a menu-driven entry
point or a larger, rambling grab-bag, or disappear altogether (split into
other nodes).

OTOH, File Name Cache could be linked to from File Convenience (and vice
versa?). The best approach would be to clean up Convenience a bit and add a
menu to it that links to the nodes (if they exist) on Image mode, Thumbs
mode, FFAP, Recentf, and File Name Cache. If such nodes don't exist, short
bullets could describe the topics.


BTW, following the most widespread convention, we might want to change File
Name Cache to File-Name Cache. I'm not sure what the Emacs doc policy is on
hyphenation, but the most commonly used rule is hyphenation when used as a
(preceding) adjective and separate words when used as a noun: "file-name
cache" and "a cache of file names".

The reason for hyphenating an adjective phrase when it precedes the noun is
to simplify parsing, clarifying the scopes of the modifiers: is it a file's
name cache or a file name's cache? In this case (fnc), the difference in
meaning is not very important, so there is no real problem.

The downside of using such a rule is that searching for "file name" or
"file-name" will not find all occurrences, if both adjective and noun
phrases are used in the text.

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