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Re: PURESIZE increased (again)

From: Romain Francoise
Subject: Re: PURESIZE increased (again)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 19:27:03 +0200

Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> writes:

> Where do you see that?  I see only 1198536 bytes (1877040 on 64bit).

After rebuilding Emacs from a fresh checkout I get only 1199624 bytes,
so the (- 1200000 1199624) => 376 remaining bytes must be taken by local
changes.  I have local items in the menu bar and it looks like they're
the cause of the size increase; I didn't think they could.

I reverted my change and will change the pure size as a local change,
too; the trunk doesn't need it at the moment.  Thanks for making me
aware of this issue.

Romain Francoise <address@hidden> | The sea! the sea! the open
it's a miracle -- http://orebokech.com/ | sea! The blue, the fresh, the
                                        | ever free! --Bryan W. Procter

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