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Re: Strange eval-after-load

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Strange eval-after-load
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 00:14:34 -0400

      eval-after-load is conceptually the same as add-hook.

The point here is the difference between them.  If you've decided to
treat that difference as unimportant, then of course you don't see
why I prefer one to the other.

      Why is
    using e-a-l worse than using LaTeX-mode-hook,  for example?

The code in tex-mode.el explicitly runs LaTeX-mode-hook,
but it does not explicitly run the eval-after-load forms.

    I cannot conceive of any (real) problems which might be caused by

       (eval-after-load "edebug" '(def-edebug-spec c-point t))

I agree this does not cause any practical problem.
However, it is cleaner to use `declare'.

Also, I will move def-edebug-spec into subr.el, so that there
is no point in using eval-after-load here.

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