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Re: Activate an input-method from file-local variables?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Activate an input-method from file-local variables?
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 02:25:25 -0400

    XEmacs lispref that mention the connection to buffer-local variables, and am

We try to improve GNU Emacs documentation, but we cannot be
responsible for deficiencies of forked versions such as GNU XEmacs.

    having trouble finding something that mentions it explicitly in the GNU
    Emacs Lisp reference manual. (And since ?coding? is treated specially

File local variables are a user feature, not a Lisp programming
feature, so they are documented in the Emacs Manual.

    Ah, here we are; three
    throwaway sentences in Local Variables in Files,

I see you found the section in the Emacs Manual which documents them.
(There is an xref to it in the Lisp Manual.)

Why do you call that text "throwaway"?  It is right at the start of
the section, and states the point explicitly.  It says everything
there is to say about the question.

    no mention whatsoever in
    Creating and Deleting Buffer-Local Bindings.

(When you mention a section title, would you please say which
manual you're talking about?  That would help me find it
so I can think about your point.)

That section describes Lisp facilities for creating and deleting
buffer-local bindings.  File local variable lists don't belong there.

Anyway, it seems that I can make the xref in the Lisp Manual clearer,
and restate this basic point.  What do you think of this new text?

      A file can specify local variable values; Emacs uses these to create
    buffer-local bindings for those variables in the buffer visiting that
    file.  @xref{File variables, , Local Variables in Files, emacs, The
    GNU Emacs Manual}, for basic information about file local variables.
    This section describes the functions and variables that affect
    processing of file local variables.

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