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Re: Activate an input-method from file-local variables?

From: Aidan Kehoe
Subject: Re: Activate an input-method from file-local variables?
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:29:07 +0200

 Ar an séú lá déag de mí Iúil, scríobh Richard Stallman: 

 >      > File local variables are a user feature, not a Lisp programming
 >      > feature,
 >     They are both. You need an awareness of programming Lisp to use them,
 >     something not true for most things detailed in the Emacs Manual.
 > On the contrary, users can make file-local variable bindings for most of
 > the variables described in the Emacs Manual without knowing how to
 > program. They only need to know Lisp syntax for the values they use.

That is, they need to have an awareness of programming Lisp.

 >     I call those three phrases “throwaway” because they don’t arise at
 >     the start of any section, they are mentioned in passing rather than
 >     emphasised.
 > It looks like the start of the section to me:

As I wrote, calling them “local variables” does not say to me that they are
buffer-local, because there exist at least three distinct types of local
variables in the editor--four if you conceive of lexical-let as different
from let. 

It’s only the phrase “it automatically makes these variables local to the
buffer” (and two more like it, later in the same section) that makes the
buffer-local aspect evident. 

Santa Maradona, priez pour moi!

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