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Re: Info tutorial is out of date

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Info tutorial is out of date
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 08:10:07 +0900

Slawomir Nowaczyk <address@hidden> writes:
> Well, yes and no... there are a lot of other ways to browse documentation
> (web browsers being one example). I think we should be pointing to the
> users (in the tutorial, at least) *why* info is *better* than the
> alternatives.
> And starting by saying "press 'n' to go to next node" is only going to
> get us a "gee, why can't those guys learn what hyperlinks are?"
> reaction.

Nonetheless, the info browser's far more efficient browsing is a _huge_
advantage over a typical "html in a browser" solution (I use lots of
html docs, and am always amazed by how clunky and awkward everything
is).  Any but the simplest queries can be a nightmare in an html doc
tree simply because it's so slow and awkward to move around.

The other big benefits of info IMHO are more "global" functionality
(cross-node i-search is my number-one method of finding stuff these
days), and of course much better integration with the editor.

o The existentialist, not having a pillow, goes everywhere with the book by
  Sullivan, _I am going to spit on your graves_.

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