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RE: Emacs geometry

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs geometry
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 14:25:28 -0700

    I am using the latest CVS emacs on Windows XP. It is compiled 
    using VS 2002.
    This problem has recently started occurring. New frames in 
    emacs are now offset
    (by about a line both horizontally and vertically) from the 
    existing frame.
    Previously, all frames used to be offset +0+0 from the left-top 
    corner of the
    screen (i.e no offsetting was taking place). I don't believe I have any
    code/setting that does this. My Emacs.geometry registry entry 
    used to specify
    80x48. I tried 80x48+0+0, but got  the same behavior as before.
    Is there a new setting that I need to use or is this "by 
    design" that others are
    also encountering? If it is the latter, what is the setting 
    that would cause all
    frames not to exhibit offsetting?
I reported this bug recently to Fran Litterio. 
I think he might be working on fixing it. - Drew

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