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RE: Emacs geometry

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs geometry
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 07:00:09 -0700

    You see, this is only the tip of the iceberg; there are other related
    issues that need to be discussed, decided, implemented, tested,
    rewritten according to users' bug/misfeatures reports, tested again,
    etc.  For example: what do we do under "emacs -Q"? do we honor the
    previous recorded values or ignore them? how about "emacs -Q -D"?
    Etc., etc.

Bravo, Eli! I couldn't agree more.

    This is why I think now is not the time to implement such a feature.

That applies to this new feature in general: changing how Emacs frames are
positioned on Windows. This is why we should back out the change that was
made, and revert to the previous behavior, which everyone has used without
complaint for decades.

If we want to improve on that traditional behavior, making it somehow smart
enough to deal with avoiding the task bar, yet still remain predictable,
consistent, and under user control (without contortions such as tweaking the
registry), then we can discuss how to do that *after the release*. This
partial cure to a minor potential problem is much worse than the perceived
disease itself, and it was never properly discussed.

Now is not the time to change fundamental behavior like this. You already
got two strong complaints within weeks of making the change. If you keep
this change, you will see how many Windows users complain or exclaim

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