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Re: address@hidden: Customize valuemenudoesn'trecognizemouse-2]

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Customize valuemenudoesn'trecognizemouse-2]
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 17:20:58 -0400

    >     If we allow that, we will get inconsistent behavior with other menus,
    > Why do you think so?

    Because on the menu bar, mouse-2 doesn't activate the menu on
    MS-Windows (and with some X toolkits, such as Motif).

No wonder you have confused me.  Here you're saying "menus", but
really you're talking about the behavior of the buttons in the menu
bar.  Those are comparable to the buttons in the buffer, in that both
pop up another menu.

Mouse-2 is the only way to click on a button in the buffer in Emacs
21.  I do not want to change to making it not work at all.  it will
continue to activate these buttons.

    >     Allowing mouse-2 on the menu bar is not a good idea,
    > Why do you think so?

    Because many users don't expect that, I think, at least not on
    platforms whose window manager doesn't do that by default, or ever.

Does Mouse-2 on the menu bar in those platforms do anything useful?
I would think not.

If not, then there is no reason not to make it activate menu bar menus
(if that is possible; it may be impossible).  For greatest
consistency, we would want to make more mouse buttons do that, on
whatever platforms we can.

    Even though, if a user clicks mouse-2 on a button to open the value
    menu, she will then need to use only mouse-1 to select items from that
    menu?  That doesn't seem a good UI to me.

I agree, it would be better to make _all_ menus allow mouse-2 as well,
if we can.

If that is impossible, users who use mouse-2 to click on the button will
get this quirky result, just as they do in Emacs 21.

It's better than the inconsistency you want.
And it happens

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