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Re: Back to emacsclient/server

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Back to emacsclient/server
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 18:26:19 +0200
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Juanma Barranquero skrev:
> I'm finally getting the time to try implementing TCP sockets (and so
> Win32 support) for emacsclient.c/server.el. I must confess that the
> talk about reimplementing gnuserv in Java has made me shiver quite a
> lot (no offense intended, I just happen to not like Java *at all*).
> I've reviewed all comments exchanged about this issue in past threads
> (or at least all the ones I could find). There were some decisions
> that got more-or-less universal agreement, some that were
> controversial, and a few that were left undecided (mostly because we
> were throwing ideas back and forth).
> So let's recapitulate:
>  - The server (i.e., server.el) should:
>   - Have an option to choose among Unix (if available) or TCP sockets.
>   - Have an option to specify the host address, defaulting to
>   - Choose the port at random (to allow multiple server in the same
> computer).

Isn't it better to start with a well known number and if that is busy, just
add 1 until you get a free one?  That way emacslcient can have a default which
just works if there is just one emacs server running.

Then you can write the files as ~/emacs.d/server-(port - start port).
I.e. ~/emacs.d/server-0, ~/emacs.d/server-1, ...

Emacsclient by default then reads ~/emacs.d/server-0.  emacsclient --server 1
would be ~/emacs.d/server-1.

        Jan D.

        Jan D.

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