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Re: Back to emacsclient/server

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Back to emacsclient/server
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:17:14 -0400
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>>> This may seem like an offbeat suggestion, but I think Emacs could
>>> behave like a SSH daemon for emacsclient/server interactions..
>> You mean: no change to server.el, and simply change emacsclient such that
>> it runs emacsclient on the server host via ssh?
>> I used to do that with a script and it's trivial to do, indeed.

> No, I mean:

> 1) on the client side

> ssh address@hidden:4567 '(function)'

> 2) on the Emacs side, running on `hostname' with IP `ip'

> ; bind to ip:4567
> (sshd ip 4567)
> ; add a user for remote execution, with the following keys
> (sshd-add-keys "tzz" "~/.ssh/identity" "~/.ssh/id_dsa")

> So emacsclient would be gone, and server.el would be sshd.el or
> something similar.

What would be the benefit compared to what I suggested (i.e. on the server
side just a unix-socket, and on the client side "ssh machine emacsclient


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