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Re: Patch: overstrike/bold in Windows build

From: Ben North
Subject: Re: Patch: overstrike/bold in Windows build
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 15:38:43 +0100
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> Very interesting. The font I'm using already has Bold, Oblique
> and Bold Oblique variants. So I think what's happening is that, when I
> set the font to bold, Emacs uses the bold variant... and then somehow
> thinks it doesn't support bold and tries to synthesize it. If I remove
> the variants from \Windows\fonts and leave just the normal font, your
> code works right.

This sounds like what is happening, yes, and explains why the 2-bold
file looked bold and antialiased --- it is the real bold font.  It looks
like my patch is correct, then, but that it's revealing a problem
elsewhere, i.e., in the code that decides when "synthetic" bold is
required?  I'll dig into that if I have time, but if someone who knows
that part of the code better beats me to it, so much the better.

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