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add a mode-line menu to menu-bar?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: add a mode-line menu to menu-bar?
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 11:04:09 -0800

For consideration after the release -

There is now a lot of stuff going on in the mode-line. How about adding a
menu for all of that stuff to the menu-bar? This menu would not replace
mode-line clicking, but it would be an alternative, much as the Minibuf
menu-bar menu is an alternative.

Some of the mode-line functionality is not too obvious (different mouse
buttons on different parts of the mode-line). A menu for all of it could
also act as a learning aid (e.g. by showing the mode-line key sequences).

Because menu-bar space is limited, and this would be only a minor
convenience, it could be added to an existing menu, say Tools, as a submenu.
(Mode-Line functions are as much tools as Games are.)

I hear someone saying, "What next, a vertical-line menu? A fringe menu?"
Perhaps, if there is a fair amount of functionality involved for them. Why
not give a menu to each major UI component? Perhaps collect them all in the
same (sub)menu.

Just a thought.

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