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Re: Fwd: vc-svn.el and "the underscore hack"

From: AriT93
Subject: Re: Fwd: vc-svn.el and "the underscore hack"
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 15:32:00 -0600

Kevin Rodgers writes:
 > AriT93 wrote:
 > > As I mentioned earlier I have made a different change utilizing the
 > > defun from psvn.el since that seemed a cleaner solution that what I
 > > had done previously.  
 > > 
 > > As described before this patch addresses the
 > > issue that vc-svn does not recognize svn repositories on win32 systems
 > > that use the "underscore hack" and have the svn admin directory as
 > > "_svn" instead of ".svn"
 > > 
 > > In testing this morning i noticed that in order for make bootstrap to
 > > work with the change I had to mark it as an autoload.  I understand
 > > the reason but is this the correct way for the defuns to be used.  I
 > > guess I'm unclear on why vc-svn-registered needs an autoload.  I made
 > > svn-wc-adm-dir-name an autoload as it is used in vc-svn-registered.
 > > 
 > > I have included text attributing the chage to the work done in psvn.el
 > > I hope that I have done it in a way that is acceptable. Would that
 > > text be better suited to the Commentary section?  If so let me now and
 > > I'll move it and resubmit the patch.  
 > Wouldn't it be simpler and more reliable to change
 > (when (file-readable-p (expand-file-name ".svn" FILE))
 >    ;; refer to (expand-file-name ".svn" FILE) here
 >    ...)
 > to
 > (let (svn-file)
 >    (cond ((file-readable-p (setq svn-file (expand-file-name ".svn" FILE))))
 >      ((file-readable-p (setq svn-file (expand-file-name "_svn" FILE))))
 >      (t (setq svn-file nil)))
 >    (when svn-file
 >      ;; refer to svn-file here
 >      ...))
 > and similarly for the file-directory-p and vc-insert-file calls?
 > -- 
 > Kevin
 > _______________________________________________
 > Emacs-devel mailing list
 > address@hidden
 > http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/emacs-devel

That would be similar to the first patch that I submitted.  it seemed
to me that this method might be a bit easier to maintain long term as
the decision to use .svn over _svn is in one place.  Although  the
statements above could also set svn-file in the same way I suppose.  

enjoy every sandwich

           -- W. Zevon

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