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Re: Patch: Show signature state in encrypted messages using pgg

From: Sascha Wilde
Subject: Re: Patch: Show signature state in encrypted messages using pgg
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 22:48:35 +0100
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Daiki Ueno <address@hidden> wrote:

>>>>>> In <address@hidden> 
>>>>>>  Sascha Wilde <address@hidden> wrote:
>> [1  <text/plain (7bit)>]
>> Sascha Wilde <address@hidden> wrote:
>> > The attached patch extends the message a bit, so that it shows the
>> > signature verification result in addition.  With it a encrypted but
>> > unsigned mail shows:
>> > [[[PGP Encrypted Part:OK, Signer: From unknown user]]
> Is there still any chance for such a feature enhancement to get into the
> release?  Anyway,

No, I don't think so, but I think that:
1. There is a chance to get it into gnus CVS
2. It is a good idea to make it public available, not at least as a
   reminder for after the release...  ;-)

>> +2006-11-10  Sascha Wilde  <address@hidden>
>> +
>> +    * mml2015.el (mml2015-pgg-decrypt, mml2015-pgg-clear-decrypt): 
>> +    Show info on signature for decrypted parts.
>> +
>> +        (mm-set-handle-multipart-parameter
>> +         mm-security-handle 'gnus-info (concat "OK, Signer: " sig))))
> Did you really test it? 

Yes, and I'm using a patched version for some days without problems,
but: beware I've only tested this code, not proven it right.  ;-)

> mm-uu-pgp-encrypted-extract-1 checks the
> verification result stored in gnus-info
> (progn
>   (mml2015-clean-buffer)
>   (funcall (mml2015-clear-decrypt-function))
>   (equal (mm-handle-multipart-ctl-parameter mm-security-handle
>                                           'gnus-info)
>        "OK"))

Yes, this might be a problem indeed -- but as far as I can see from a
quick glance over the source mm-uu-pgp-encrypted-extract-1 is only
used for "application/x-gnus-pgp-encrypted" which seems quite non
standard and which I haven't knowingly encountered in real live --
which would explains why I haven't noticed the glitch in my patch...

Anyway how about something along the lines of 

;;; untested:
  (funcall (mml2015-clear-decrypt-function))
  (eq t
      (compare-strings "OK" nil nil
                       (mm-handle-multipart-ctl-parameter mm-security-handle
                       nil 2)))

this should fix it.

Sascha Wilde
Die Existenz von Spam heißt, daß ein Medium noch lebt.
Die Existenz von Pr0n heißt, daß es Zukunft hat.
        -- Leitners Law (<address@hidden>, 16. Juli 2004)

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