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Re: [bug] PGG shows ?? when prompt for passphrase

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [bug] PGG shows ?? when prompt for passphrase
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 20:12:17 -0500

    * gpg-agent(1)

    The usual way to run the agent is from the ~/.xsession file:

             eval `gpg-agent --daemon`

    * emacs/man/pgg.texi

    @defvar pgg-gpg-use-agent
    When using GnuPG (gpg) as PGP scheme you can use @code{gpg-agent} for
    address@hidden @code{gpg-agent} does not cache passphrases
    but private keys.  On the other hand, from a users point of view this
    technical difference isn't visible.}.  If address@hidden try to use a
    running @code{gpg-agent}.  It defaults to @code{nil}.

If we tell the users


         eval `gpg-agent --daemon`

    in your file ~/.xsession and in your file ~/.bash_profile,
    and customize pgg-gpg-use-agent to t in Emacs.

that seems insufficient.  We need to also tell people how to specify a
passphrase to gpg-agent, right?  What should they do?

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