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Re: Problems with the url package on w32?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Problems with the url package on w32?
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 05:52:03 -0500

> Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:07:15 +0100
> From: "Juanma Barranquero" <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
> I don't use ediff either. I was talking of cutting a patch from an
> e-mail, for example, pasting it into a buffer, M-x diff-mode'ing and
> doing C-c C-a.

Too complicated, IMHO, and also could produce problems on w32 (due to
CRLF nuisance in conjunction with the ported Patch's inability to DTRT
when there's EOL mismatch between the patched file and the patch).
What I do is simpler: set the region around the diffs in the email
buffer, and then type these commands:

        C-x RET c unix RET
        M-| patch -d /path/to/emacs/directory -p0 --binary

(Depending on the exact form of file names in the diffs, the argument
to the -d switch and/or the level given to -p may need to be

This works reliably for me, and if the diffs were munged by email, I
get a failure message in the minibuffer and a .rej file left to be
handled manually.

> > Never had such problems with my method, since the shell command output
> > is displayed by M-|.
> That only means that you method works, not that diff-mode or ediff
> don't have a problem :-)

I was replying to your message where you seemed to imply that running
Patch from within Emacs is inherently unstable or unreliable.

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