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Re: C file recoginzed as image file

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: C file recoginzed as image file
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 00:15:18 +0100

On 1/6/07, Chris Moore <address@hidden> wrote:

Perhaps the question should only be asked if the file content doesn't
match its extension.

As it is currently implemented, once you auto-detect you don't have a
way to check `auto-mode-alist'. It could be fixed, and perhaps it is
really the best way (I can certainly see the benefit of warning the
user about a mismatch between the file extension and the contents),
but IMHO we shouldn't do it now. It's best just to deactivate image
auto-detection and let the users, if they trust their libraries and
files, to just set the required element of
`image-mode-auto-detectable' to 'maybe or t in their .emacs.


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