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RE: Adding email address support to thingatpt.el.

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Adding email address support to thingatpt.el.
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 06:49:21 -0800

> >> AFAIU rfc2822, several more chars are allowed to be
> >> part of an email-adress than regexp honours now:
> >
> > It's tough to know what to include.  Many characters that technically
> > could be part of an email address are rarely used in practice, and
> > instead appear much more often as delimiters (in certain contexts).
> > So if thingatpt.el is to Do The Right Thing most often for the user,
> > it probably can't comply precisely with the RFC.
> If Emacs is more restrictive than RFC2822, errors and
> bug-reports are ahead.

I haven't followed all of this, and I have no special knowledge of this. It
sounds as if:

- The spec allows stuff that most people don't use, and that many people and
programs try to interpret as delimiters.

- If the code fits the spec completely, then many users would be

- If the code doesn't fit the spec completely, then some people will
complain and file bugs.

Why not have the code do both, with a user option to choose the behavior you
want? Then pick the default value of the option to inconvenience the fewest

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