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W3 and CSS measurements of "em"

From: T. V. Raman
Subject: W3 and CSS measurements of "em"
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 06:13:30 -0800

This is possibly due to changes in Emacs 22 in the last few
months --- I'm not the best to debug this since it took me a few
months to even notice:-)

W3 implements CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) and CSS can specify
things like margins in "em" units i.e. width of an 'm'.

The default CSS style file that comes with w3 sets left-margin
for bullets to 5em ---
I'm assuming that that did the right thing at some point.
However under emacs 22 CVS, this ends up having bulleted items
indented way far to the right --- approx 50 spaces.

I suspect that there is a bug in the W3 code that computes how
many spaces an 'm' should take -- could well do with this being
older code that incorrectly uses ints instead of chars perhaps.

Anyway, I'm sending this so it makes it into the archives and
hopefully serves to save the next person who hits the problem
some time. In my own environment I've since set left-margin for
bullets to 0.1 (absolute units instead of char width).

Best Regards,

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