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Re: A new(?) warning of erase-buffer, which was not seen before.

From: ishikawa
Subject: Re: A new(?) warning of erase-buffer, which was not seen before.
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 12:48:05 +0900
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Kim F. Storm wrote:
ishikawa <address@hidden> writes:


When I ran "erase-buffer" on a buffer named "*sim*", I got
the following warning, which I didn't get with older version of Emacs.

Is this warning an intentional one?


In the old emacs version(s), it used to be that erase-buffer intentionally
discarded undo information if I recall correctly.

I just checked, and no version of GNU Emacs since 1991 has done that
(I didn't check older versions).

                                                  The buffer in question, namely
"*sim*",  contained
a voluminous output of a running simulator program and I simply want to
throw away the contents from time to time. And thus, undo is not necessary
for this buffer.

So disable undo in that buffer.

Thank you for the info.

It is only that I am a little puzzled that I didn't get this warning
in the previous versions 21.x (and prior), and I am wondering
if there is a better memory allocation/checking introduced in 22.0
which causes this warning to appear. In the older versions, say 21.x (and prior), I have not seen this message.
With 22.0, I see the memory usage warning also, which I didn't notice often 

Maybe, with the older versions, the logic to show the warning might have had a subtle bug/feature which caused the warning not to appear often on my PC. But I digress.

I will disable undo on this buffer and move on.
(Maybe my knowledge of erase-buffer discarding undo information is
based on the old knowledge of 18.xx version which I tried to port
to now extinct Data General minicomputers. This was circa mid 1980's)

Thank you again.

Chiaki Ishikawa

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