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Re: minor observations on Mac build of 22.0.99

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: minor observations on Mac build of 22.0.99
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 21:39:50 -0400
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Richard Stallman wrote:

>     Are these files in fact going to be identical aside from the date  
>     stamp in all builds?  If so, perhaps like the .elc files in the lisp  
>     tree they should be pre-generated for the release and pretest  
>     distributions.
> They definitely should be. I did not realize this was not already
> the case. Can someone please fix this and ack?

I see you added this to FOR-RELEASE.

i) There is no _need_ to do this before the release, is there?. No
problems have been reported to come from the present arrangement,
which has been in place for years, and all the pretests to date.

ii) Changing make-dist to add these .elc files (and the associated .el
files) is trivial (largely a matter of taking out the lines that
exclude these files), however:

iii) You will also need to change at least leim/Makefile.in. Doing
`make clean' in leim/ currently deletes the generated .el and .elc
files. So if you just add these files to the distribution without
changing leim/Makefile.in, `make clean' will remove some files that
were present in the distribution tarball. IMO it is on principal a
poor idea to make changes to the Makefiles shortly before a release
(if this is still true) when it is not necessary.

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