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Re: Merging multitty

From: Karoly Lorentey
Subject: Re: Merging multitty
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 23:05:40 +0200
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Jason Rumney wrote:
> I will put effort into getting it working again on Windows (assuming
> noone else beats me to it), whether it is on a CVS branch or the trunk,
> as I have done with emacs-unicode-2, but due to the time I have
> available this could take a couple of months or more. I don't think it
> is acceptable to have the trunk broken for that long, as it will
> prevent some other developers who use Windows from helping with
> Emacs 23 development, if they do not have the w32 api experience to
> help with fixing the multitty breakage, for example they may want to
> help with some Lisp package.

I agree that it would be nicer if multi-tty branch would compile on
non-GNU platforms before merging.

Fixing multi-tty on Windows and other platforms does not really need any
platform API experience: it's mostly a matter of understanding C
compiler error messages and changing references to previously global C
variables to their new terminal-local places (accessible via a frame
handle).  If the code compiles successfully, it will likely work.

>> I have my doubts that if we merge unicode-2 first and postpone
>> multitty until all issues with it are resolved, the issues will never
>> actually get resolved.  In particular when multitty is not kept
>> synched to the trunk after a unicode-2 merge.
> Why would you not sync multitty to the trunk after the unicode-2 merge?
> Surely Karoly, Handa and anyone else willing and interested should start
> on resolving the merge problems as soon as possible.

Yes.  If you guys decide to merge the Unicode branch first, I'll simply
devote a weekend to resolve merge conflicts and continue syncing with
the trunk as long as necessary.

> I agree that it won't happen in Karoly's private repository. I have
> tried using it, but the revision control system he uses seems to be
> unstable (from a user interface perspective), and the instructions he
> gives for checking out no longer work. Reading the the latest quickstart
> guide for bazaar did not really help. But committing it to a branch ASAP
> would let the work commence on stabilizing it on other platforms ready
> for merging into trunk.

The inconvenience and unavailability of Arch/Bazaar on non-GNU platforms
is an excellent point.  We must create a bidirectionally synced branch
for multi-tty in Emacs CVS immediately.

>> I disagree with that assessment.  It presumes that not making Emacs
>> multitty-capable ever is a reasonable option.
> It is the only option if we don't have anyone willing to maintain that
> capability. But judging from your activism on this, I don't expect we
> will have that problem.

I can definitely help maintaining the multi-tty feature set, if you
don't mind occasional delays.  A factor to consider: most if not all
multi-tty bugs I have seen so far were multi-tty specific and did not
occur with single-terminal usage. When multi-tty fails, it fails
gracefully and does not affect single-terminal users and developers.


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