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Re: adding new modes

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: adding new modes
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 12:04:26 +0200
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Alexandre Julliard <address@hidden> writes:

> David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:
>> vc-git is not of release-quality (C-u C-x v = usually chokes while
>> trying to propose a "previous version").  However, the Emacs 23
>> release is not exactly around the door, and having it synched into
>> Emacs-CVS might be nice.  At the current point of time, it is
>> maintained in git's git repository.  Not all people with write access
>> there will have a copyright assignment.  So one would have to check
>> who actually wrote stuff in it.
> I'm the main author of vc-git.el and git.el, and I'd be happy to sign
> the needed paperwork if you want to use them. I think most of the
> changes done by other people would be in the tiny change category, or
> I can rewrite them if needed.
> It's true that vc-git is not very good at the moment, it's a quick
> hack I put together because people were requesting it but I don't
> really use it myself, so I'd be happy for someone to take over
> maintenance. git.el is in better shape, and much more useful IMHO.

There is also git-blame which currently feels like it has an
interactivity issue: it should probably not parse everything it gets
at once, but rather in smaller chunks via an idle-hook.

I'll send you the assignment request in a separate mail.  Personally,
I think that Emacs should support git out of the box: git is actually
the most "bazaaresque" system I know: one does not need to put
identification into files, and one can even split large files up and
stuff and move and rename them without telling the version control
system, and it will still manage to reasonably track stuff.  And one
does not need access to non-local repositories, and it is quite
convenient for developing on local shadow branches of Subversion/CVS
checkouts without needing upstream support.

Some of its concepts might not fit perfectly within the VC framework
(like the index file and parts of its branching and patchset model):
for that reason alone, it would be good to continue development of the
git Elisp packages in the Emacs tree itself: that way, vc can be
adapted if necessary.

I'll leave it to you to contact other developers, ask them to consider
the assignment, and send them the request forms: if you need
additional explanations about why they are required and what they
imply, feel free to contact me, or the copyright clerk.

And thanks!

David Kastrup

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