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Minibuf menu when minibuffer is standalone

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Minibuf menu when minibuffer is standalone
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 13:01:51 -0700

Consider as a possible enhancement somehow making the Minibuf menu-bar menu
available also when the minibuffer is in a standalone frame (frame parameter
minibuffer has value `only').

Because the minibuffer maps are local maps, when you have a standalone
minibuffer frame, which has no menu-bar, the Minibuf menu-bar menu is not
available anywhere. (The other frames do not have minibuffers, and their
buffers do not have the minibuffer map as local map.)

Perhaps menu Minibuf could somehow be made to appear in all frames that have
a menu-bar, whenever the minibuffer is active. I'm not sure how that might
be implemented, because it is good to keep the current situation of the
minibuffer maps being local to the minibuffer. But if a good implementation
could be found, it would be desirable to have the Minibuf menu available
also for users who have a standalone minibuffer.

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