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Junk in CVS log entries

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Junk in CVS log entries
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 18:04:31 -0400

The CVS log entry for version 1.50 of emulation/tpu-edt.el
is full of extraneous material.  (See below.)

Please don't do the merging this way.  Please use in each file
only the log material that pertains to that file.

Can someone possibly correct the log entries that have been
put in this way?

revision 1.50
date: 2007-05-20 03:12:22 +0000;  author: miles;  state: Exp;  lines: +58 -46;  
commitid: 40IoRrL3UxQMcCis;
Merge from emacs--rel--22

Patches applied:

 * emacs--rel--22  (patch 20-21)

   - Update from CVS

2007-05-18  Richard Stallman  <address@hidden>

   * lisp/simple.el (push-mark): Doc fix.

2007-05-18  Rob Riepel  <address@hidden>

   * lisp/emulation/tpu-edt.el (CSI-map, SS3-map) Moved from global-map to
   (tpu-original-global-map) Variable deleted.
   (tpu-control-keys-map) New keymap variable.
   (tpu-set-control-keys) Use tpu-reset-control-keys rather than
   setting keymapping directly.
   (tpu-reset-control-keys) Use tpu-control-keys-map instead of
   (tpu-edt-on): Activate the tpu-global-map.
   (tpu-edt-off): Deactivate the tpu-global-map.

2007-05-18  Ryan Yeske  <address@hidden>

   * lisp/textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-get-word): Return markers
   for start and end positions.
   (ispell-word): Assume END is a marker.

2007-05-19  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>

   * src/syntax.c (skip_chars): Update syntax-table only after we checked that
   the new location is valid.

2007-05-19  YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu  <address@hidden>

   * src/macterm.c (x_calc_absolute_position): Add BLOCK_INPUT around

Revision: address@hidden/emacs--devo--0--patch-759

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