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Re: Renaming NEWS

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Renaming NEWS
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 04:09:30 -0400
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Miles Bader wrote:

> It won't complicate things if the file is truly renamed, i.e., the
> existing arch-targ: in NEWS is kept in NEWS.22 (and omitted from the
> _new_ NEWS file).  [BTW, if you create a new file, don't add an empty
> arch-tag: line or anything, just leave it out, and one will get added
> during syncing.]


It also seems time (again, as Kim said earlier) for a fresh
lisp/ChangeLog and a new lisp/ChangeLog.12. The right thing to do here
is create ChangeLog.12 as a new file with no arch tag, and move most
of the current contents of ChangeLog there, right? That way, when you
sync things from lisp/ChangeLog on the release branch, they will go
into lisp/ChangeLog rather than ChangeLog.12.

What do people think the best split date is? The base of the release
branch, or perhaps 2006-12-31, to match ChangeLog.11?

BTW I'm not saying any of this needs to be done in a rush.

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